Summer Reads 2019 Globe


Summer’s here! Time for some page turners…

My summer books preview for Globe Books is here.

Summer Reads 2019 CBC


My summer reads picks for this year are here! (Beach towel and Wayfarer-wearing fox friend not included)

Listen to the segment here.


emerging writers globe may 2019

Informal mentorships have always existed within artistic communities. In recent years, Canadian literary organizations have been formalizing the experience, and giving Canada’s emerging literary talent a boost.

My piece for Globe Books, with gorgeous illustrations of some now-emerged writers who have benefitted.

Thanks to the Writers’ Trust of Canada, RBC Taylor Prize, Canada Council for the Arts, and Diaspora Dialogues for talking to me about their work.

Online story here.

spring preview 2019 globe

As the days grow warmer and the nights draw out, there are still plenty of reasons to dive between the covers.

My spring preview for Globe Books includes 37 hot-off-the-presses titles for all ages and tastes.

Read it online here.

sally rooney


Sally Rooney = international literary sensation.

Her new novel, Normal People, has been out for aaaaaages in the UK and Ireland, but has only just made it to North America.

Should you read it?

My review for Day 6 >> audio.