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My latest Open Book: Toronto column. On uniting personal libraries from both sides of the Atlantic, and on the power of the scrap-of-paper bookmark to turn a book into a forever keepsake.



This month’s column on Open Book: Toronto is about book design, dipped edges, and the pleasure (and incidental advertising spillover) of snooping on what strangers are reading.


The nominees for the 12th annual Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing have been announced, with bugs, border crossings, and — for this not-quite-yet-Canadian — a booster course in Canadian political history that will prove very useful when I get to sit the citizenship test.

Congratulations to Ron Graham, Richard Gwyn, Max & Monique Nemni and their translator George Tombs, Andrew Nikiforuk, and Jacques Poitras.

The winner will be announced at the Politics and the Pen Gala in Ottawa on April 25.

Watch a video about Shaughnessy Cohen’s “drive to find the truth,” how she got a reputation for having all the best gossip, and why Margaret Atwood thought her “a force of nature.”