From Oct. 18 to 28, it’s IFOA time (eye-eff-oh-eh!), or the 33rd annual International Festival of Authors if you want to be all verbose about it. The largest literary festival of its kind in North America, IFOA is like the TIFF of the book world, with A-list authors instead of A-list movie stars. Will power-couple hybrid names Spaldaatje or Raweleine catch on? Probably not, no. Besides, one of the greatest things about being a world famous author (I’m guessing) is that you are recognized for your words and not your wardrobe.

I’m a bit of an IFOA addict and will be there every day. I’m also tickled pink (hot pink…?) to be hosting six events at this year’s festival. They are:

I’ll also be on publicist duty for two great events featuring 2012 Writers’ Trust award nominees:

I’ll be doing a preview of what’s new and noteworthy about this year’s IFOA in my next Open Book: Toronto column.

Till then, check out the IFOA website for a full schedule of events and tickets.

Hope to see you there.